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Facebook is a double-edged sword

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I will freely admit that when I received a friend request a few years ago from someone with whom I’d had a big falling out in high school, I assumed the worst. I checked out her profile, saw an Ivy League school in the current education, and knew exactly why she was getting back in touch. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, added her, and upon having access to my profile she noticed that I, too, was in grad school, but was scheduled to finish a semester after her.  The message she left me went something like this:

I finally found someone graduating after me!

We don’t talk anymore.

Facebook is both a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, you know what everyone’s up to! On the other hand, you know what everyone’s up to.


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October 14, 2013 at 9:20 pm

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Inquiring minds want to know

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People I wish Facebook would stop suggesting that I “friend:”

  • People that I know are serving extensive sentences in federal prisons
  • People I used to date a million years ago
  • Significant others/spouses of people I used to date a million years ago
  • People who are currently dead

Who knows how to turn off friend suggestions?

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May 11, 2012 at 9:08 pm

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Disclaimer: The following are things that were ACTUALLY SAID on my Facebook page in the last week.  You cannot make this stuff up.  You would be too stupid to do that in a non-satirical manner.  I hope.

On a post regarding the precarious circumstances current to Net Neutrality (which you should ALL CARE ABOUT) and how the Tea Party is against it (because they hate everything, regardless of what it is):

… and because of course this had NOTHING TO DO WITH Net Neutrality, I bemusedly asked the poster if he in fact knew what Net Neutrality is.  To which he replied:

Commence head hurting.  And while, yes, that sentiment is indeed “plain and simple” it is completely and utterly untrue.  On which many people called him out, thankfully.  I love my friends.

Also, I think he might be leaking a little next to that sexy picture of a pantless Sarah Palin.  Just saying.

And I still think that Tea Party people hate everything.


So less than a week after that mess, I post the article about Palin and the library that I blogged about yesterday.  HOLY FIRESTORM OF IGNORANCE, BATMAN.

After I ranted for a bit in reciprocal righteous indignation, the Boyfriend posted.

Liberal Hell:

As an aside, I can’t believe how creepy my home set looks.  I should work on that one day.

Was Crazy done?  Of course not.

Amazingly, it continued to go downhill from here.

It devolves into personal insults at this point. Some of them were quite impressive.

You know, I was originally going to do more from the thread, but I can only use the “despair” tag once per entry.

**”Hello Cthulu” was taken from here.

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August 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm