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Inauguration Day

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I debated seriously on whether or not I wanted to post this. Not because of how any reader would react, but because of how the permanence of publishing these words would feel. Then I reminded myself that you can’t only think things that make you feel good because it atrophies your empathy, and makes it harder to find reasons to aspire to better.

4 years ago, I waited in line at 7am with smiling, chatty people stretching around the block in the freezing cold to vote for Obama. A few months after that, my man met me in Detroit and we drove to West Virginia so we could wake up at 2am, then take a train to another train, and trekked through DC in less than 20 degree temps to secure a place where we could watch the president swear in on a monitor. I miss that sense of optimism.

This past November, I voted early with no ceremony, resigned to vote for Obama because he at least seemed better than the other guy (and because I didn’t want to see Joe Biden fade into obscurity – who doesn’t love Joe?), and because I had a faint sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, this guy could find a way to get something done as a lame duck, when he couldn’t be concerned with getting himself re-elected.

I spent this morning watching West Wing reruns because that felt less bittersweet to me than watching the actual ceremony. 4 years later and we still don’t have any comprehensive policies for future environmental impacts due to climate change. My generation still thinks that we’re more likely to see a Bigfoot than receive anything from the social security system that still draws from our paychecks.

I don’t want to confuse my dissatisfaction (read: anger and frustration) of Congress with my disappointment of the president. I know Obama has been stonewalled, and I know the system is deeply flawed. We live in a country where most people are satisfied with their local congressperson (if they can even name them) but hate Congress as a whole – it makes no sense. It needs to be reformed. But that’s not what this morning was about.

I am happy that there are people still celebrating today. I’m not one of them, but I’m glad that there are people who can find the happiness in this.


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January 21, 2013 at 7:42 pm

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