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Carrier pigeons – or, more realistically, carrier ravens

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It’s usually when I realize that an idea is ridiculous enough to make a good local news story that I know it should be a satirical blog post.

I just watched a woman try to contact a relative who teaches at an elementary school.  It took more than 15 minutes to even access the relative in question because the secretary of the elementary school is out, so instead she had to call the high school who would then transfer her to the appropriate elementary school office who would then have to go to the department level and so on and so forth. Because she can’t call a room directly.

I made the comment that carrier pigeons would enable her to bypass the bureaucracy faster – and then it hit me – what a fantastic local news story that would be.

Woman trains carrier pigeons to avoid bureaucracy and saves time doing it! 

The only problem with this is that we really don’t have pigeons around here, because it’s the boonies, so we’re going with ravens.

Woman trains carrier ravens to avoid bureaucracy and scare small children into behaving themselves!

And that’s the news. I’m Schmug Blernandez. Goodnight.


Written by fudgebudget

February 9, 2012 at 8:08 pm

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