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Open letter to Comcast

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Dear Comcast:

Thank you for making my next choice in cable and internet providers an easy one; the next time I have a choice, I will choose “Dear God anyone but Comcast.”

It’s going to be hard to have another ISP. As a glutton for punishment, I don’t know if anyone will be able to satisfy my need for debasement and disrespect the way that only Comcast can. I’ve never known another corporation who can ignore me and pretend to care as well as you do, while still possessing the gumption to take all of my money.

I will terminate my service as soon as I possibly can because as good as you are at making me feel like pond scum, I don’t think that this is a healthy relationship. I am pretty sure that if you were my husband, people would be trying to sneak me into a battered women’s shelter while you were out drinking.

I might miss the fantastic displays of ineptitude and incompetence with which Comcast has showered me: the attitude of “customer service” representatives and their lack of anything resembling helpfulness, the cable that blinks out at least once every 20 minutes, the internet service that rarely exceeds 2 Mbps when I pay for 6. But I can’t come back. I can’t afford Comcast’s exorbitant charges and therapy at the same time.

This just isn’t working – our relationship, my cable, my internet. Nothing works; and, since you won’t change, I have to move on.

May the sun set you on fire,



Written by fudgebudget

March 28, 2011 at 12:06 am

4 Responses

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  1. THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    March 28, 2011 at 3:22 am

    • What do I do now?

      Comcast Corporation
      Customer Service Department
      1500 Market Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19102

      On Tuesday, May 17, 2011 I called Comcast at 877-561-8321 to order internet service. I spoke with Michael, who explained the details of Xfinity Internet Performance Service with 12mg hi-speed for $29.99 @month for 6 months, and thereafter $59.95 @month with 7 email accounts – 10 gb storage + smart zone security suite (Norton) and 12mgs hi speed internet. A one-time installation charge of $25.00 would be eligible for rebate when first month’s bill confirmed the account. When asked what other charges might apply, he explained a $7.00 monthly charge for renting/leasing a modem. I thought I might have a compatible modem, and Michael said if that were the case there would be no $7 monthly additional charge, but I should call the installation dept. at 1-877-857-2735 to find out which modems were compatible. Michael gave me a confirmation number for my order.

      I then received this email:

      Comcast Order
      Tuesday, May 17, 2011 12:54 PM
      From: “Order Confirmation” orders@digitalglobeservices.com
      Thank you for your order. If you chose self-installation, follow the instructions on your Comcast Self-Install Kit which will arrive in 5 – 7 business days. If you chose professional installation, please call Comcast at 1-877-857-2735 to schedule your installation date.
      You ordered: XFINITY Internet Performance – Non Cable Customer – $29.99 Monthly
      How do I get my Gift Cards?
      Step 1: Schedule and complete the installation of your new Comcast services.
      Step 2: Mail a complete copy of first bill that includes new services with completed Rebate Form to: REDEMPTION CENTER; Attn: Comcast Rewards; P.O. Box 786; Castle Rock, CO 80104
      Step 3: We will verify your first monthly bill and current account status. Upon confirmation that the new services were installed, you will be mailed a Gift Selection Card.
      Step 4: Simply choose which type of Gift Card you would like and mail it back to us. You will receive the Gift Card of your choice within 8 weeks.
      NOTE: This is an automated e-mail. Please do not reply to this email address. This mailbox is not monitored.

      I dialed the installation dept at 1-877-857-2735 for an appointment, and spoke with Charlene, who explained that the account could be canceled at any time with no termination fee and there was a list of compatible modems available at: /FAQViewer.aspx?Guid=9fe92cb1-e13a-4c3d-8974-b1c167961903&fss=modem%20list
      I have a Motorola SB6120 which is on the list, but as it turned out my address not in the system, so installation couldn’t be scheduled. First I needed to contact the local office at 1-800-266-2278 to add this address. Then installation could be scheduled.
      Following up on that conversation, I called the local Comcast office, and Dale added this address to the list, so service could begin. He said it usually took 24-48 hrs for an address to appear in the system, and he would call me when that happened.
      An hour and a half later, Dale called to say the address was now in the system. Installation was set for Tuesday. May 24th between 8 and 11am.

      On May 24th at 9:30 a Comcast installer called for help in finding our location. He arrived and realized that the installation would require a bucket truck and brick anchors, which he did not have, and told me, I would need to reschedule.
      So, I called Comcast at 800 266 2278 and spoke with Jim to explain that the tech had showed up today but needed special equipment, so couldn’t complete the install. Jim said he would include in the work order specific instructions that brick anchors and a bucket truck were needed for this installation. He generated a work order and reset installation for Sat 5/28 11am-2pm, and said the tech will be instructed to arrive with the necessary tools.

      On Saturday, May 28th, Comcast called to tell me the installer would arrive at 1:45. Shortly after, the installer called for help locating building, and when he arrived, he was not driving a bucket truck nor did he bring brick anchors. Needed to reschedule – again! He said he would book the work for Tues 5/31. I requested the earliest available appointment of the day.

      Tuesday, May 31 arrived. I waited all day, and nothing happened. No call – no visit.

      On Wednesday, June 1st I called Comcast, and spoke with James, who apologized for the trouble, and said dispatch would call when an appointment had been scheduled. A ticket # was assigned, and after installation, when the account was opened, a $20.00 credit would be issued for the inconvenience.

      On the 2nd, not having heard from anyone, I called and spoke with Miyoka. After I explained the reason for my call, she said she would need to speak to her supervisor …on hold… She said I need to call local office 877-560-2742 (though I thought that was the number I had dialed) because of the need for special equipment – and wait until 3rd time my phone number was requested, but not to put it in, then it would ask for my zip code. Once I put that in, I would get the Comcast local office.
      I called the local office, following her instruction, and got Jessica, who said she was unfamiliar with the use of special equipment for installation, and would take a few minutes to look at the notes on my account…put me on hold…I was cut off..an automated voice asked for my zip again… and I was speaking with Jenna in BOSTON (I’m in Vermont!). I explained my difficulties, and she said the work order went to a field supervisor because of the 2 unsuccessful install attempts. It had been rescheduled for Tue Jun 7 between 2-4:30 pm. She was going to try to move it up in the schedule, and would call me in 15 minutes. If she didn’t, she gave me her call letters and said I should call her myself.
      One half hour later, Jenna called to explain that because of the destructive weather recently, they’ve had to distribute their equipment to other areas to help. So Tuesday is the earliest opening available. The installer would arrive between 2 and 4:30pm. I agreed, but only if the work could be completed by 4:30, because I had a meeting to travel to scheduled at 5pm. I made a point of asking if the need for brick anchors and a bucket truck was specifically noted in the work order. She confirmed that the notes included those instructions in bold print, and said she would call me after installation was completed on the 7th and the account was open to assign credits to the account for everything she could to make up for the time it’s taken. I haven’t heard from her.

      On June 7th Jackie called from Comcast: The installers are running late, and can’t be there before 4:30. I reminded her that at 4:30 I would be on my way out the door to an appointment. So Jackie said we’d need to re-schedule. She put (Ginger) from Edgecom [who is sub-contracting the work from Comcast] on the phone who re-set installation for Fri Jun 17th 8-10 am.

      June 17th the installer arrived at 8:30am WITHOUT THE NECESSARY EQUIPMENT! The notes had evidently been removed from the work order, and the job would need to be rescheduled. So I called and spoke with Annette and explained the history of my failed attempts. She reviewed the notes on my account and tried to reach someone who could help. She sent a text message, got the response: “not my area”, and was referred elsewhere. The person who might be able to help wouldn’t be available until 10:30. Annette said she would call me back around 11:30 with more information. I waited…no call.
      At 4pm I reached Jennifer at Comcast and repeated the history again. I did not want another week to end with this business still unfinished. I did not call to reschedule, because that hadn’t worked. It was with a strange sense of relief that I called to say “You win. I quit. Cancel my order. PLEASE!” Jennifer did not have the authority to cancel the order, so put me on hold, to conference with …Betty… who said she could bump it to a supervisor. I told her that had already been done between the 2nd and 3rd install attempts to no avail. I could no longer afford the time or energy this adventure entailed and asked her to cancel my order, which she did.

      My reasons for burdening you with this sorry tale are two-fold:
      1. I am trying to understand what happened that made it impossible for me to access your services.
      2. You should be aware that while everyone I contacted was gracious and concerned, NO-ONE seemed able to help me complete Step 1 of the email cited above or to follow through on promises made for return calls!

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


      July 1, 2011 at 5:33 pm

      • Oh, man. If I’m being trolled it’s pretty funny. If it’s a serious comment, then no wonder you’re having so many issues. Call them and tell them that you need to speak to a manager and have them cancel your service. Tell them that you will not be transferred to another representative and that this needs to be taken care of while you are on the line with them. Remember to write down everyone’s names, and ask for their direct desk numbers in case you get disconnected. When they do cancel the service, tell them that you want a confirmation number. If they give you shit about a refund, tell them that you have not had 30 days of service, so by any rational interpretation of their rules, you are still within the cancellation period.


        July 1, 2011 at 7:43 pm

  2. Oh, honey. Yes. YES YES YES.

    Brave soul. Comcast is awful with passing blame, dropping appointments and generally not responding to customer complaints.

    It’s amazing to think we pay them for that privilege.


    March 28, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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