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I went to the aquarium

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This would be a good time to explain that I have a habit of personifying animals. All of them. All of the time. My cat probably “talks” just as much when I’m home as I do. She says things like, “Bitch, please,” or, “Crazy lady, I’m comfortable, don’t make me MOVE!!” or my personal favorite: “I will eat your face while you’re sleeping.”

So is it any wonder that as the Boyfriend and I sat in front of the giant wall-expansive tank at the aquarium this past weekend, taking pictures and being entertained by the children around us, that we made all of the trapped creatures talk? For instance:

(At that point, small children decided they wanted to be my friend … because we’re a lot more alike than I’m comfortable with)





Written by fudgebudget

January 19, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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