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This election should die in a fire.

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Let’s take gender politics out of this for a minute.

This election cycle has been shamefully petty and counterproductive – in a time when we can LEAST afford for it to be so. I DON’T CARE how awful your opponent is. Frankly, I think 95% of you who got the nomination for your party are awful. If you’re running for office in this climate, odds are that you’re either an attention whore or a masochist or both. I don’t really want an attention whore masochist governing me, but my choices are limited.

So, instead of telling me how crappy the other person is, tell me what YOU plan on doing to make things better – because right now? They suck. There’s no dignified term for it.

Subjecting us to the politics of FEAR is demeaning and counterproductive.

Every time you bitch about how the education system is failing us without offering a solution, you are acting as a shining example of the lack of critical thinking that is endemic in our public school system. USE YOUR BRAIN, and PLEASE ASSUME THAT I ALSO HAVE ONE.

Because again, I already think that you and your opponent are attention whore narcissists. You’re both awful. Stop telling me what I already know.

Please tell me how you’re going to make things better. No, really. PLEASE tell me how you’re going to make things better.

Now let’s put gender politics back into it for a minute.

This is the ad that instigated this entry. It was on a FOOD BLOG (politics belong there why? Oh, and I’d venture a bet that the audience is disproportionately women), and consisted of a .gif with these two alternating images:

SERIOUSLY? “Don’t take away my medicine”??? Is that what we’ve come to?? This is a race between two WOMEN for the governorship of New Mexico.

How ashamed am I, as a progressive, that this ad is being run by a female democrat? Can you not be better than this? I expect crazy people, like Martinez (who is backed by the Ultimate in Crazy – Sarah Palin) to use these tactics, because the vast majority of republicans have been following the politics of Rove like the Hebrews behind Moses ever since 2000. But really, Denish – really?? You should be ashamed.

Martinez should also be ashamed, but obviously she doesn’t know what that means if she’s willing to take an endorsement from the Grande Herald of Incompetence known as Sarah Palin.


P.S. I don't like Palin.


The term “the year of the woman” is getting thrown around a lot this election cycle, because of the number of female candidates running for high ranking offices. Wonderful. Except that women voters are less enthusiastic than ever.

In a context in which 13.9 percent of women are now officially living in poverty (the highest rate in 15 years) and facing long-term unemployment, it’s not surprising that women lack enthusiasm for voting. What’s missing, for most women, are the political narratives about the things that matter to them: good jobs, clean air, health care and what it will really take to rebuild our national economy.

What our decades of work with thousands of grass-roots leaders across America have taught us is that women are impressed by solutions, not sound and fury.

The repugnant election tactics of today are not going to change until they stop working. Please don’t vote for candidates because of fear. Don’t lend these people any credibility of which they are unworthy – democrat, republican, tea party (ugh), green, independent, or otherwise.


Written by fudgebudget

October 30, 2010 at 5:53 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Sad to say, but this is *every* election. I’d be more inclinded to vote for someone if they said “Vote for me. My penis is bigger. (This advertisement is paid for by Extendz)” cause then I’d know who is backing the douchebag. Extendz? Sure, sounds great. Can’t imagine a fucked up herbal supplement which will NEVER get FDA approval could be lobbying for. Must be better than whoever is backing the other asshole.

    If someone wants my vote and wants my support and wants me to campaign hard for them, all they gotta do is this.

    “I’m not politics like usual. No, really – unlike everyone else who says that. You know why? Because I believe in things like fixing the economy, fighting for rights for those who cannot fight for it themselves, educatating the public on things like sex education, ergo reducing our health care costs. Oh and I plan on working hard to make political donations from private companies impossible and making lobbyist’s illegal as they do NOTHING to help our political process move forward.


    October 31, 2010 at 1:46 am

    • Oh I know that smear campaigns are nothing new, but I am taking it more offensively because a) things SUCK right now and b) more women are participating in it. No offense to you or your Y chromosome, but I hold women to a higher standard than sad, petty smear campaigns, because as a whole we berate each other less in the public professional sphere. I can appreciate that politics is traditionally a boys’ club, that doesn’t mean you have to play to that level. THEY ARE PLAYING TO A KARL ROVE LEVEL. Every decent human being should strive for better.

      I wouldn’t have cared about the ad if it wasn’t just blatantly trashing the opposing candidate and at LEAST saying SOMETHING constructive – but this ad didn’t even say who the other candidate was! Just that Martinez sucks. Duh. Of course Martinez sucks. So does her opponent Denish. Thanks for wasting that neuron that could have been processing other remotely constructive text.


      October 31, 2010 at 2:02 am

      • So as you know my dad runs his non-profit. Part of that means he’s got close ties to a lot of congressmen. A few years back right after Tom Delay was actually still on the scene Nick Lampson was running for his spot. He ran 9 “This is who I am” ads while his opponent ran smear compagn ads. He slipped in the polls 10 points. He ran a counter smear ad and went back up 8 points.

        The issue is smear ads work because dumb people who don’t research past them are like “ZOMG! THAT PERSON DID SUCH AND SUCH!” instead of trying to figure out what the candidate actually stands for and means.

        Did you see the Daily Show where they TORE APART .. msnbc (I think) for not being able to edit what people say properly like fox news? I’m still far behind on watching them, but I wanna say it was like a month ago. People only listen to soundbites. And the media makes it so damn easy to do that. If we want real news about what is going on in congress, turn on CSPAN for a few minutes.


        November 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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