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So shortly after embarking on an 11 hour drive home yesterday, the Boyfriend and I were trying to find something on the radio before resorting to the iPod and it’s wonderful but not super-clear FM transmitter.

We pushed the “seek” button and heard a lot of Tejano accordion, some bad country music (seriously, folks, if you need that much “down home” in your music ALL THE TIME you might want to confront your insecurities with the realities of this world so that your head doesn’t explode and you can start voting Progressive) and went back to a passed station when we heard:

At this point, my feminism alert is sounding off, and I begin to get indignant.  Because that’s what I do when I hear things like that – opinions that I hear all the time, and for whatever reason – unfortunately or mercifully, depending on my mood – I cannot just sit back and listen to.  These are the times that I am very thankful for the fact that the Boyfriend does not consider me some sort of crazy feminazi who is out to emasculate all in my path, and also thankful that he will get indignant WITH me.  Especially since the radio insanity continued.

Wait.  Who’s a what now?  There are SO MANY THINGS that are wrong with this statement.  Submission is not aggressive … by definition.  It MIGHT be passive-aggressive, when one is using it to incite guilt, but that’s more manipulative than it is submissive.  And why, in this broadcast, and in so many forums, is it that women are the only ones being taught this “virtue?”  The immediate reaction in the car was:

Which was then followed by:

And isn’t that the worst part, really?  I mean it’s one thing to believe that you should submit to God, that’s fine, that’s sort of universally egalitarian if you think about it.  But, it’s a whole other can of beans to say that you should submit unquestioningly to another human being when you don’t believe that they owe you the same courtesy.  Not when you are in a supposedly equal partnership like marriage (although, arguably, these people do not believe that marriage is an equal partnership if this is the case).  We can question our friends, our family (though maybe not the patriarchy), and our government (helloooooo Tea Party – I’m pretty sure that 4 years ago it was the lot of you who were calling me unAmerican for dissenting), but not the will of a husband?

And just so you know, this was not AM radio, this was mainstream FM radio.  This was like one notch down from that time that the Boyfriend and I were driving through Indiana and heard Rush Limbaugh on FM radio.

So, going back to what the Boyfriend said about how women are taught these things by religious/cultural institutions, it took me back to another place in another time.  Far, far away in Baptist country, at a place much like the camp in Jesus Camp, where a young me spent a week every summer for about 7 years.  A place where evolution was shunned, but somehow, it was more plausible that the atmosphere had a layer of water that prevented UV damage which is how Methuselah was able to live as long as the Bible says he did.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Maybe one day, we will live in a world where we won’t need Fundamentalism, because people will realize that the fundamentals – the foundations – the Bible – were not faxed down from God in English, and that perhaps if we cannot discern the exclusive absolutes, we should instead try to live by the (subjectively) better and inclusive teachings of tolerance, equality, and love.



Written by fudgebudget

September 7, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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