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A journey, you say

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“You see, I’m going on this journey.”

If I never hear that phrase at a library again it will be too soon.

There was a recurrent anonymous patron at the public library who thought that he was on a very profound genealogical journey.  With Monarch of the Glen.  Oh yes, this man thought that a BBC prime-time soap opera miniseries was about his family.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our genealogies had special packaging?

I explained to him several times that this was a work of FICTION, but he never “got” it.


Which would have been sort of charming in a weird and senile way if it weren’t for the fact that HE NEVER BOTHERED TO WATCH THE DAMN DVDS.  Every couple of weeks, he’d show up at the library again, asking to renew the DVDs, and every couple of weeks I had to explain that there was a hold list for them so he’d have to turn them in and wait for them AGAIN.  Then he would have them for TWO WEEKS and FORGET to watch them.  And then he’d be back at the reference desk, trying to go on his journey.  AGAIN.

And you know, I should take time out right now to be thankful that DVDs can be out for weeks at a time.  It’s not like Starbucks, where their product lasts … oh … 30 minutes?  Tops?  And their annoying patrons come back way sooner than mine.   Remember:

However, avoiding retail and customer service was the main reason that I finished my degrees.  True story.


Written by fudgebudget

August 31, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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