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I have been at work for less than an hour and a half, and it is already a banner days for bugs.  They are everywhere.  And when I don’t find them coincidentally, people are BRINGING THEM TO ME.

The morning started innocently enough – I couldn’t find my travel mug and had to bring my coffee in Tupperware that looks like a bucket.  I was running late, and because this is New Mexico and nothing ever works, the gas station couldn’t take credit cards.

I finally get to the office and start to take the rubber bands off of all of the newspapers that were delivered over the weekend (also: if whoever delivers these papers reads this blog – STOP WRAPPING THE BAND AROUND TWICE because they SNAP and it freaking HURTS).

And yes, it was really that huge.  Maybe the cricket guts smeared all over the front page will detract people from wanting to steal that paper today.*

As if that was not traumatic enough (because those things are scary when you’re not expecting them), I then opened the Wall Street Journal to find:

Yeah, I’m like 95% sure that spider was a black widow.*  It was huge and bulbous and black, and I saw some red on it before smashing it to smithereens. The cover of our Wall Street Journal today is covered in spider guts.

Feeling both shaky from my encounters and pleased with the fact that I just saved someone’s life (probably mine) from a deadly black widow bite, I go back to my office to do some paperwork.  In comes our electrician who wants to know which lines he needs to run in our back room for the orientations we’re going to be doing.

And I don’t care how cool some people think praying mantises are, those things are creepy as hell.

So I’m a little afraid of what the rest of the day will bring (read: what new insects the day will bring).  Here’s to hoping that your office is not full of scary creatures that are out to eat your souls.

Also, our electrician looks like Santa in a train conductor hat.  Normally he cracks me up, but man, the PRAYING MANTIS.  Ugh.

*Cricket image taken from here. Spider image taken from here. Praying mantis image taken from here.


Written by fudgebudget

August 23, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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