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I wake up to that every morning.  It’s hard to accurately depict her without motion, since those “cute”little paws are usually kneading biscuits on my windpipe (as cats, least of all this one, have no concept of personal space or the need to breathe).

And so that’s what I woke up to this morning as well, aptly, as I prepared to go to the MVD.  It’s supposed to stand for Motor Vehicle Department, but I prefer to refer to it as Monotonously Vacillating toward Death.

And those sad little fabric flowers atop the pens are probably how the employees desperately cling to sanity, day in and day out.  In the Land Where Time Stands Still.

Another lesson I am currently learning is that I should never come here without coffee.  That was dumb.

I am pretty sure that this wait is killing me slowly.

Also, there is no reason for them to have these giant flat screens when they aren’t even showing us anything.  Not even wait times.  There are posters all over the place to remind people not to drive drunk, but I feel that these TVs could instead show footage of what HAPPENS to people when they crash their cars drunk, and it would be a better deterrent AND we’d be entertained.  Gruesomely.  But entertained nonetheless.  It would at least be a detraction from the ENDLESS SHADES OF GRAY.

And after over an hour of waiting, I have just learned that I did all of that for nothing, because I have to mail things back home to be notorized.  I wonder if there’s someone up there laughing at me.  Or possibly Ann Coulter in liberal hell (wait – can she laugh?).


Written by fudgebudget

August 21, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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