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So after making several posts with references to the things that go on inside my head, and looking at the amount of parenthetical qualifying that I do, I’ve starting thinking about just how much time and energy we put into deceiving other people into thinking that we’re not insane.

Like that time I went into a posh bakery and saw part of a sign that read “DDING CAKES” and immediately thought “OMG PUDDING CAKES!!”  (non-me people would think “WEdding cakes” … which would be correct)  Thank Jebus I didn’t say that out loud, lest I be shunned away from my chocolate raspberry Whoopie Pie.

Or that time that I cried on the phone with Comcast “customer service” (quotes intentional) because they were being jerks and my internet wasn’t working, and the dudes on the other end of the line were being sexist pigs and treating me like an idiot.

(That has actually happened more than 5 times in the last year alone.  And yes, that is my cat and she is actually that creepy looking in person.)

Or that time at the grocery store where I talked myself out of buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch in favor of raisin bran because if I was going to piss off my pancreas I was going to do it for something worthwhile, like a chocolate raspberry Whoopie Pie.

image taken from http://www.salembargains.com

Oh wait, someone DID actually hear me that time.  They probably (rightfully so) think I’m insane.

So as the Boyfriend and I were talking about our love for Lady Gaga last night, and we brought up the fact that the woman can do pretty much whatever the hell she wants and people just say, “Oh, it’s Lady Gaga, she’s gaga.”  And everyone’s okay with it.  It’s okay to be gaga – that dude at the grocery store didn’t have me arrested or anything.  I’m just that “crazy lady from the store” to him … and I’m okay with that.

So go forth and be gaga.  And enjoy it!  Just don’t piss off the people at your favorite bakery, because that trust is hard to win back.


Written by fudgebudget

August 14, 2010 at 9:05 pm

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