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The creature from the black arroyo

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It’s Friday the 13th!  It caaaaaame.  I have my Virgin de Guadalupe on hand and ready to go.  I decided that bringing the cat probably wouldn’t be such a great idea since work is the only space I currently have that does not have to be vacuumed all the damn time for cat hair.

I am going to live-blog the day in anticipation of the bore-effect that documentation tends to have on anticipated events, since I am expecting the day to live up to its Friday the 13th awful-potential.

8:00am – Arrived at work. Very little traffic on the way.

9:17am – Custodian came by and asked if it was okay to leave the mini-fridge in the sink to defrost over the weekend.  I said okay.

9:33am – Coworker dropped off an empty family tree.  I am filling it out as I live-blog, because genealogy is more entertaining than anything else that’s going on.

9:42am – Began live-blogging.  This might not have been the best idea (for you. I will continue for the prescribed benefits for me stated above. An ounce of prevention is worth five pounds of library regret).

10:45am – Read this news story about the creepiest guy ever to give a “massage.” Why her dropped uterus is relevant to this story I’ll never know.

11:49am – Coworker is cleaning out fridge and just found mayonnaise that expired in November of 2008.  The creature from the black arroyo could have very well climbed out of our refrigerator.

1:15pm – Had a conversation with yet another patron who didn’t want to pay for prints.  “But I can’t use this page with just the URL on it.”  “Neither can we.”

2:33pm – Kid in wifebeater asks me for headphones.  SURPRISE.

4:00pm – I leave the building, seemingly without significant interference.  My plan has worked!!  Live-blogging totally made the day obscenely boring!  I win.


Written by fudgebudget

August 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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